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Da nach einem Loottable gefragt wurde, hier einer aus TW [Quelle: Reddit, link unten] .... Danke Xhantia fürs raussuchen

For this raid, each boss drops as follow:

Boss Soul Shields (100%. But random amount per boss, each class uses an unique type) Accessory (100%. But only 1 accessory per boss) Cosmetic (Random amount per boss) Material (100%)
1 1 + 2 Wind Ring or Shadow Ring or Flame Earring or Lightning Earring    
2 3 + 4 Flame Ring or Frost Ring or Shadow Earring or Earth Earring Raven Mask (4 colors herehere herehere)  
3 5 + 6 Lightning Ring or Earth Ring or Frost Earring or Wind Earring Gold Standard outfit 1 x Legendary weapon material + (Random amount) Sealed Raven King's Soul
4 7 + 8   5 cosmetic items (herehere here herehere) 2 x Legendary weapon materials + (Random amount) Sealed Raven King's Soul


Legendary weapon materials:

Type Classes
Raven King's Energy Force Master/Summoner/Warlock
Raven King's Feather Blade Master/Blade Dance/Soul Figher
Raven King's Bone Kung Fu Master/Destroyer/Assassin



a. Raven Feather can be acquired from Dynamic Quest's boxes (1~3 per box) and as weekly quest rewards.

b. Untradeable Raven King's Soul can be acquired from last boss' Dynamic Quest's box.

c. Items that can not be acquired from Dynamic Quest's boxes and weekly quest rewards: Soul Shield, Ring, Earring, Legendary weapon material, Sealed Raven King's Soul, Cosmetic.

d. All items are non-tradable except Sealed Raven King's Soul.

e. Raven King's Soul is used to upgrade Raven weapons.

f. Raven Feather is used to:

Exchange Cosmetics, Soul Shields, Badges.

Upgrade Raven accessories.

Quelle: https://www.reddit.com/r/bladeandsoul/comments/5py85h/sanctum_skybreak_spire_rng_reduction_via_token/?st=iyh8dad2&sh=e7396392


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